The National Concrete Burial Vault Association (NCBVA) provides a unified voice for the concrete burial vault industry, regardless of product affiliation, brand recognition or location.

NCBVA is a non-profit organization that serves single and multi-site burial vault manufacturing plants, burial vault affiliates, and industry vendors throughout the United States and Canada. As an association, the NCBVA represents groups that provide in 90 percent of all outer burial receptacles interred within the boundaries of its membership.The NCBVA recognizes its leadership role in the area of funeral service to continually research and develop, then specify and promote minimum performance standards for the burial vault industry.


NCBVA is hiring regional concrete specialists to conduct plant certifications for members. View skills required and learn more about te position. If interested, contact

NCBVA members meet at the ICCFA 2019


There is a new NCBVA Facebook page to get the latest information shared with all members. Connect with us for updates on legal articles, Q&A sessions, and industry news.



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Every major brand affiliation of concrete vault manufacturer is represented as a member of the organization. As an association, the NCBVA represents groups that provide 90 percent of all outer burial receptacles interred within the boundaries of its membership.

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